Tropical Storms Irene and Lee flooded
towns across the Northeast US last summer.
In the Catskills region of upstate New York,
four people died. Many more were cut off
from the outside world without access to
power, telephone, or clean water. Houses
washed away. Roads and bridges vanished.
Families lost track of each other.

Everyone in the Catskills has a flood story.
Some of them made national -- even
international -- news. But most didn’t.

The Watershed Post’s Faces of the Flood
Project tells untold stories of the 2011
Catskills floods as a result of  Tropical
Storms Irene and Lee and was born from
a partnership with Christopher, the staff
of the Watershed Post and students from
SUNY New Paltz’s journalism program.
The series is published on August 28, 2012:
The one-year anniversary of the floods.

Stories can be read on Watershed Post's site